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Our story

How it all began...

Our Cornish coastline is so wonderfully pristine and is at the heart of all our family memories. Countless days out on the water, playing on the beaches, walking along the stretches of coastal paths and enjoying the bountiful, local marine life. It is purely wonderful. 

It is becoming increasingly difficult to escape the fact that our world is facing a global climate crisis and the solutions are not coming fast enough. 

Would our home stay like this for our children and our children's children?


how could we raise our children to show them that there is a way to tackle climate change, protect our local environment and not make our oceans worse in the process?


Creating Little Green Seaweed

As a family, we knew we wanted to make a difference with the oceans and the marine life that frequented our shores. Fauna including many fish species, rays, sharks, jellyfish, sea birds and megafauna including tuna, walruses, seals, porpoises, dolphins, orca and humpbacks like us, call Cornwall home. 

The oceans are carbon sinks. They are able to uptake carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and dissolve it into organic carbon and oxygen. How can our oceans do this? It is the work of the plants of the ocean; plankton, algae and seaweed. Some are microscopic in size, others reach heights taller than us and they all are able to use carbon dioxide and return oxygen to the water for other flora and fauna to use. 

The clogs in our minds began to turn... the more flora we have in the ocean, the more carbon dioxide can be absorbed, resulting in less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. If carbon dioxide could be removed from the atmosphere, in a sustainable way that did not create any harm to the environment, we could in a very small way make a difference, whilst teaching our children, you can find a solution to problems without destroying the environment in the process.


What followed shortly afterwards was a huge amount of time researching, discovering and reaching out to people already working with marine flora, specifically seaweed.


Growing seaweed not only removes Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, it can create a thriving ecosystem for marine life, improving biodiversity. It can improve the health of the ocean environment and also the soil on land that farmers and enthusiasts use to grow produce too. In human health, seaweed can help to treat arthritis (something close to our families' hearts) and something else that excited us, seaweed farms could have the potential to slow down coastal erosion processes! 

Could we do it? Could we set up wild harvesting of seaweed and make a difference in our Cornish corner of the world? 

We decided to give it a try...we called upon local, regional and national experts. Spoke to academics and industry specialists. Read and completed countless forms, documents, applications and licenses. 

And, just like that...Little Green Seaweed was born. 

We hope to make a difference, bring jobs to our community, help keep our ocean environment and ecosystems thriving whilst being carbon neutral. 

We welcome you to join us and help us...invest with us, work with us, research with us, sell our products, buy our products or simply share and follow what we do. 

Life is short, let's leave the world a better place than when we entered it. 

Meet Our Family And Crew

Hi, we are Dan, Jacqui and Aurora  (we also have two dogs in our family - Zeek and Keiko!) 

Dan and his family have been born and raised in South West Cornwall. His love for the ocean comes from a long line of family members working on the water, including the navy. Dan runs the boat and ensures the safety of us all on the water, whilst harvesting our seaweed.

Jacqui is a marine biologist and works with the specialists, experts and academics ensuring that our work is sustainable, carbon -neutral and making a difference to Cornish marine ecosystems. 

And Aurora...Aurora  loves being outdoors and provides us with the drive to work and help other businesses so that the future generations can enjoy what we have for many years. 

Zeeky and Keiko are Aurora's best buddies! You will find us quite often out on coastal walks with Zeeky rummaging about to find his new favourite pebble and Keiko plodding along, embarking on new friendships with any dog that crosses his path. 

Meet the team

Our Partners

Work with us

If you would like to work along side us, we'd love to hear from you! Drop as an email at:

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